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Tory contender speaks

BBC NEWS | Politics | Davis attacks UK multiculturalism
Shadow Home Secretary David Davis is calling on the government to scrap its "outdated" policy of multiculturalism.
Allowing people of different cultures to settle without integrating let the "perverted values of suicide bombers" take root, he told the Daily Telegraph.

Mr Davis, favourite to become the next Tory leader, urged the government to "build a single nation" and demand "respect for the British way of life".

"We must speak openly of what we expect of those who settle here," he said.

Or as the first draft of his speech said in its entirety; "Fit in or Fuck off".


After Gulf 1, Kuwait expelled best part of a million Palestinian without any bother whatsoever. Can be done. Easy.

Seems sensible to me. I have no desire to learn Punjabi just so I can speak to my neighbours. If you moved to India or some other Asian country and refused to speak the lingo or follow any of their traditions they'd soon have you out.

If you moved to India and demanded money of the natives without doing anything they'd soon have you out as well.

The welfare state is a gramscian trojan horse in the British stronghold.

Your trackback doesn't seem to be working:
David Davies bids for Kilroy’s leftovers

The best bit is in The Telegraph comment where it advises David Davis that his first job on becoming leader should be to sack that snivelling little shit Dominic Grieve. What with Mr Grieve saying that the anger of the 7/7 bombers was 'explicable' and the egregious Tim Yeo calling for a £1000 tax on 4x4s I'm not sure we have a Conservative party left. Why don't these people just f**k off and join the Liberal Democrats.

I don't want to see Davis as m'next leader, but the buy talks sence.

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