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Bloody Foreigners

Coming over here imposing their culture, destroying our way of life! And leaving litter in the English countryside.

Another picture from my morning walk, Roman pottery and roof tile.
I ask you, what have the Romans ever done for us?
Image taken on 4/8/2005 9:3


Well, did they exported there beer and latin lovers? ;)

Good question...I'm from Milan (Italy) and I still don't understand what have they ever done for us...

Well there's the pottery and roof tiles.

Mmmm, good question, what have they done? Could it be our west culture? wasting culture? They have exported burocracy, impoliteness and more and more...I'm Italian but I can't stand our impolitiness when we're in other countries... :-(

Maybe I'm missing something but how do you know those bits are what you say they are?

I know cos it isn't the native pottery that we are famous for - and also an archaeologist told me!

The Romans they invented the concrete, like they built with the Coliseum Coleseum - you can pour it over a body into a big block, and dump it in the river. Good stuff.

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