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Local Heroine

BBC NEWS | England | Wiltshire | Made up over speed camera u-turn

When Clair Allison received a court summons for speeding, she was determined not to take it lying down.

The 46-year-old single mother-of-one started a campaign that ended in the overturning of thousands of fines - together with some red faces among speed camera bosses. ...

Armed with the throwaway camera, Ms Allison began taking shots of the roadworks.

Realising that hundreds of other drivers may also have been zapped, she placed petitions in garages and post offices to find fellow defendants.

More than 4,200 people were fined after being caught between October 2003 and August 2004, according to the Wiltshire & Swindon Speed Camera Partnership.

But Ms Allison's solicitor says this figure could be as high as 6,200.

Following a CPS review, they will all now have their fines overturned and their penalty points removed

The case may also have left the safety partnership having to refund at least 250,000 in fines.

The police have said that each case could cost up to 250 to review - and there are court costs and compensation claims to consider.

The camera partnership is, however, sticking to its guns.

Spokeswoman Saira Khan said: "The speeding offences are proven - it is the signage that isn't."

But she admits the organisation needs to enforce speed restrictions properly to keep the public on side, and is working with the Highways Agency on checking regulations.

Sorry - you lost keeping the public "on your side" a long time ago - and saying the "offences are proven" when they clearly aren't - if you don't follow the law it isn't an offence - shows the gob-smacking arrogance of this "partnership".


I hear that a tractor (doesnt need to be a big one) with a few yard of chain on the back, works quite well on static speed cameras - as for the mobile ones, a can of unleaded & box of Swan Vestas seem to do the job

Shhh! Isn't that treason?

Or a jar of vasiline, a stepladder and a brush. The photo's go out of focus and no obvious damage is done.

Not quite as satisfing however.

I think the cameras have been shown to be quite vulnerable to, say, a .357 Magnum bullet (or a .308 Win bullet, for that matter).

Just saying, is all...

And that Kim is yet another reason we Brits aren't allowed firearms!

These cameras work by simple doppler shift.

It should be possible to detect the pulses from the camera and return a stronger "speed" corrected signal.

The bigger picture is that speed cameras are part of the survelliance society. As of 15 July 2005 it was announced that no more cameras would be installed and a survey on effectiveness conducted. To me that sounds as if MAD and Captain Gatso have finally got Big Brother's attention and authority is trying to climb down as gracefully as it knows how. You wouldn't emigrate solely over speed cameras, but they have to be worth a good five points (on a scale of 100). But when drawing up your short list, be advised that if you only relocate to Europe, Police State UK can get its hands on you almost as easily as if you stayed in the UK. Paranoia: It keep you alive and it keeps you free.

The relationship between the arrogance of any given authority or civil servant and the level of ignorance they display of reality is an expontential relationship. The greater the arrogance, the greater the level of ignorance will be of the subject under discussion.

Your "spokeswomen" is yet another proof of my thesis on civil servants and arrogance.

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