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Mine's a double

The Scotsman - Top Stories - Call for a delay to 'lunacy' of relaxed laws on drinking

Judge Harris said the amounts people drank for pure leisure were "quite astonishing" and could not be changed overnight.
"The trouble is, continental-style drinking requires continental-style people, who sit quietly drinking away at café tables, not standing up shouting at each other in crowded bars trying to consume gallons of beer at a time," he said.

Yep Charlie we are the Brothers of Beer, the victors of Waterloo against the lethargic lovers of wine. I'm sure at that lovely little place in Tuscany the locals are so charming, and there is no trouble at all, as you fail to notice them fleecing you and laughing at your fat pink flesh roasting in the sun.
Let me paraphrase - you can't trust the working classes to enjoy themselves sensibly can you. If we weren't here to tell them what to do, who knows what they might get up to.
The logical continuation is to demand that they all have their knackers cut off - "the amount that people shag for pure leisure is "quite astonishing" and could not be changed overnight.
"The trouble is, continental-style love-making requires continental-style people, who make love in a tantric manner fully committed to it being a completely shared and non-exploitive experience, not standing up shagging each other in back alleys trying to light a Lambert and Butler at the same time," he said.


At the GBBF people drunk vast amounts ALL day long.

There was a great atmosphere and no trouble whilst I was there!

I reckon its the drearyness of this PC, nanny state disaster zone that drives people to violence.

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