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Keeping the Peace in Nottinghamshire.

Telegraph | News | Police chief launches 'solidarity' ribbon

A Chief Constable is asking his 4,000 officers to wear green ribbons, the traditional colour of Islam, to show solidarity with Muslims after the London bomb attacks.
Steve Green, of Nottinghamshire police, also wants the public to adopt the ribbon to support Muslims "being held hostage by fear".
The force has seen a 50 per cent rise in racial and religiously motivated crime since July 7 and Mr Green said non-Muslims had asked him how they could show their support. The force has ordered 20,000 ribbons at a cost of £2,000.

Maybe this is the best way for the "resource stretched" Notts Plod to deal with the fact that "Nottingham is reeling from a wave of gun crime and murders fuelled by its thriving drugs trade. Steve Green, the Chief Constable, has said his force is struggling to cope. More than 40 per cent of murders are “straightforward assassinations,” and the number of murders had risen by 30 per cent in 12 months, according to a government report.
Gang culture has shown no signs of abating, with the head of Nottinghamshire CID and his family moving to a secret address after gangsters put out a contract to kill him." (source). Or maybe he would be better advised to get back to some basic policing.


What the f... green ribbons?

What colour ribbons do they issue to support English girls raped by gangs of South African Blacks?

South African Blacks, what is the AIDS rate? 50%?

WTF is going on with our police forces?

First Bedfordshire issues guidelines that basically prohibit officers from searching muslims and muslim occupied premesis. And now the Boss Cop of Northamptonshire (hardly the sharpest cookie when it comes to effective police leadership) wants his men to perform some piece of embarassing, meaningless gesture politics. All to show solidarity with a bunch of people, a large minority of whom oppose the values he took an oath to protect.

And where are the ribbons for gays, aids victims, and all the other kumbayah issues that would make us look like badly decorated christmas trees?

For phuque's sake! Every bleeding heart is bleating that the problem is the alienation of young muslims from British life. If that's the case, why the hell are people trying to make the same ym's out to be some special group to be treated like delicate flowers?

I'm not punting some sort of police state, nor ghettos for muslims. I beleive that the freedoms we have should extend to every person in Britain, but so should the responsibilities. If the coppers can bust down the door of a white scrote at three in the morning and treat him like the peice of shit he is then they can do the same to a muslim one. The only requirement should be that they must have convinced a judge, using real evidence, that such action is necessary and he issues them with the appropriate warrant.

Nearly everybody wishes our coppers were like Jack Warner, but the reality is they are George Bernard Shaw's "rough men" not a bunch of nuLabour social workers.

These Chief Constables are a disgrace to their uniforms and an embarasment to the people they serve and the officers who serve under them. The sooner they are chased from office in ignominy and proper police leaders put in their place the better the country will be served.


"WTF is going on with our police forces?"

Simple. Police cheifs are not elected.

Hand out red, white and blue ribbons.

Green is the colour of envy (the emotional basis of socialism).

And they get the best available, when it comes to pensions...and with - what to anyone else - would be early retirement...it really is a crazy world.

In America, where chiefs are elected, this chap would be looking for work.

In England, where chiefs are appointed, this chap is looking for promotion.

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