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Mais Oui!

France's most celebrated living intellectual - and probably its most constant Anglophile - called on Britain yesterday to leave the European Union.

Maurice Druon, an author, ex-culture minister and grandee of the Académie Française, holder of an honorary knighthood for services to Anglo-French relations, said: "What Britain and Europe want of the EU is quite different. You want an open market, whereas the rest of us want Europe to evolve as a strong power, not just economically but diplomatically and strategically, too."
"Shouldn't we draw the consequences and ask whether it wouldn't be to everyone's advantage, Britain's included, for them to leave the EU's political institutions and take the status of privileged partner?
"You cannot stay indefinitely both in and out. If a friend cannot raise this question, who else will dare to pose it?"

The old man he speaks sense, and finding myself agreeing with a French intellectual is a shock to the system this early in the morning.


Didn't we only vote to join Ze Common Market?
Ah yes, I remember eet well...

Immortalised in doggerel chez moi - http://www.di2.nu/blog.htm?20050817

Well that is nice...wonder if Tony will pay attention.

So if France can't convince its own citizens to support the EU then the solution is to encourage those pesky semi-free enterprise Brits to leave. After all how else can you have a viable economic, political and strategic power if you allow to remain in the EU the one country that already has those attributes. Its akin to cutting off a healthy arm so that a diseased arm can wither in peace.

I lived in many countries around the world, including US and Japan, I have never seen a police force that didn't have a -shoot to kill- policy.British police is already the most blend police force in the world, only Mrs. Pierce can ask for a Hare Krishna police so she can have her terrrorists friends run loose!

so true

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