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A subtle clue

Telegraph | News | Coin redesign 'rules out joining the euro'

The redesign of coins was announced yesterday, prompting fresh speculation that the Government has ruled out joining the euro for the foreseeable future.

An open competition to find new designs for the reverse of the 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p and 50p coin is to be held by the Royal Mint.
The designs are to be changed better to "reflect modern Britain, and will need final approval by Gordon Brown, the Chancellor.

Of course in one way this is very good news but this constant need to "reflect Modern Britain" - new, new, new - is just boring and tedious. When we had real money the back of the Penny never changed, why not bring back Britannia back.


I responded on my blog but couldn't get your trackback to work.

"When we had real money the back of the Penny never changed, why not bring back Britannia back."

Yes when we had real money, the value of it didn't change much either. Now that we have "tokens" it is only right that this is reflected in their design.

There could be no greater tribute to valueless tokenism then the visage of the Dear Leader himself and while we're at it, let the composition of coins be altered from base metal to plastic so the people can know just what the "money" is worth.

On a matter not unrelated to plastic currency, I overheard the cashier at the Tesco checkout talking to another cutstomer, and without any irony or explanation as a gesture of protest, spoke of having her pin number tattooed on her arm (I did not gather if this was mere intention or statement of fact) I felt it would have been rude to interject, but the thought of "Just like the camps" occurred to me. Of course I was wrong, in the camps no one voluntarily had the number tattooed.

Is there any hope?

I think that Tesco's girl is the best argument for eugenics I've yet heard.

I wouldn't worry too much, Fdm, supermarket work does something to your mind. It destroys it (by means of atrophy, usually), and those who stay in supermarket work usually didn't have that much to begin with. So unless the majority of the nation has the IQ level of a shop-girl, and the historical awareness of a cabbage, there shouldn't be much to worry about.

Oh....hang on....perhaps we should worry?

What chance the redesign having the Euro symbol on it?
Cynic? Moi?

Trackback timing out Tim.


I can see it already........Emperor Toni on one side and the prophet Muhammad on the other

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