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Another Iovely day

Just to prove not all Bloggers spend all their time indoors this is where I'm blogging from. Very quiet apart from the birds twittering and the distant chatter of machine guns.
Image taken on 18/8/2005 9:42


Image taken on 18/8/2005 9:42 ?

I know there are many differences between Salisbury and Kennet but I never realised we had a different time zone. This probably accounts for the horrendous time it takes to reach Devizes and the difference in local fashions.

The distant chatter of what? Are you sure your not Brazilian?

Mr E with a brazilian? Ew, a mental image I could do without...

The machine guns were the glorious sound of revolution..today Kennet Council tomorrow John Prescott!

what types of birds please?

Have you seen a great bustard?

Birds - little brown ones - Tree sparrows, Wrens, tits - I can't identify anything I can't eat. Bustards, nope, unfortunately I look forward to roasting one for Xmas.

are tree sparrows common around there?

I wonder if the bustard is looking forward to human for Xmas dinner

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