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PETA update

I have been folowing the great PETA court case through sites such as PETA Kills Animals | PetaKillsAnimals.com. I am sure you have as well - but the figures as astounding - "From July 1998 through the end of 2003, PETA killed over 10,000 dogs, cats, and other "companion animals" -- at its Norfolk, Virginia headquarters. That's more than five defenseless animals every day. Not counting the dogs and cats PETA spayed and neutered, the group put to death over 85 percent of the animals it took in during 2003 alone. And its angel-of-death pattern shows no sign of changing...."

But of course I hadn't realised the reason until I saw this letter:

Regarding the story about PETA euthanizing unwanted animals in North Carolina,
I think most people have no idea how extreme the situation is for unwanted animals in that area. Much of the human population there lacks the essentials, so of course homeless dogs and cats are allotted next to nothing. It seems that PETA's ultimate intention was to try to compensate at the very least for the basics that the county is financially unable to provide — a humane death for those unfortunate dogs and cats that nobody wants.
—Ann Radcliff, Norfolk

Jeez, where do we start sending the food parcels to for those poor folk in North Carolina, and yep the idea of being killed is some sort of compensation for being a poor homeless doggie is understandable to a complete moonbat maybe. What does she suggest we do with the poor people?


But aren't Indians and Redskins just as offensive?
Mr. Garrison:
No, those are fine. PETA doesn't care about people.


I note that when I enter Pet, Rescue, North, Carolina into my search engine, the web is replete with pet re-homing and fostering centres. Many of them aim for, or already implement No-Euthanasia policies. Perhaps PETA should be shutting up shop, as they clearly are not equal to the standard set by their local rivals.

one thing that I thought was interesting about this- since this court case various NC counties have stopped employing PETA's euthanization services.

so the animals are still dying, except now instead of being 'put to sleep' they're being shot or gassed.

nice going.

did you know that petakillsanimals.com was put up by a group called the Center for Consumer Freedom, who are bankrolled by Philip Morris?


Ben - it wasn't actually the CCF who I have mainly followed this through, more the local papers, but the CCF provides a useful starting point for others who are interested. Interested in the facts of the high rehoming success of other animal shelters in the same area for instance,

CCF bankrolled by Philip Morris eh? Good. About time the smoke and booze industries faught back against the nanny-staters and prohibitionist whingers that are making life such a bloody chore for anyone who likes a pint and a fag or a piece of tasty red meat.

Gentlemen and Ladies,
Please look at our web site. We are trying to help the community where the PETA people were arrested. Please give us a hand in doing positive work with animals. We have denounce any criminal activity and challenged PETA to do same. Of course we have not heard from PETA bec`ause they like the idea of a threat lingering no matter how veil. In fact, we are trying to donate more food to the shelter in the area of NC, also volunteers, and are planning on a work day.

Thank You,


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