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Leopard changes spots - shock horror

Telegraph | News | I was wrong to back the Euro, says Clarke

Kenneth Clarke, the former chancellor, has branded the euro "a failure" in an apparent attempt to win the support of Conservative eurosceptics in his push for the Tory leadership.

If he wasn't after the job would he have renounced his beliefs?


No chance Tim. I simply do not believe him.

Be prepared for a lot of weasel words from this man during the run up to the leadership vote.

Hes pro EU, dishonesty is second nature to the Eurocrats and their acolytes.

It is admirable that ken can admit he is wrong.

However, as he took so long to see what 80% of Conservatives have seen for 10 years, he is hardly qualified to stand for leader?

I see he follows where the great Tone leads...... lie, Lie and LIE again to reach the goal. What a ******!

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