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Not quite Tom Brown

BBC NEWS | England | Wiltshire | Father sues over son's expulsion

The father of a pupil at an exclusive private school plans to sue over its attempts to expel the boy...his son says that the 400 misdemeanours he is being punished for are all relatively minor.

I always thought Private schools, like a shop, could serve who they liked and ban who they didn't. They are a private business and so it should be up to them how they run it. And if I was paying through the nose I wouldn't want my children to be living alongside another pupil who is stupid enough to be caught 400 times. Of course in my day Old Chalky and his cane would have sorted the boy out..

(I suppose as he has a Welsh name he will be claiming race discrimination - though most people might think that a disinclination to use vowels is reason enough to expel a chap.)


Bloody hell! And I got expelled from a grammar school for saying "Effing". I didn't even say "Fucking". I was deemed to have insulted a member of staff and that was that.

Of course, this was in 1996, when headteachers could still decide who their staff should have to put up with.

(You can tell I got expelled from grammar school: after rereading that, I am wincing at the fact that I ended a sentence with a preposition. Yuk.)

He claims that he is being turfed out because he is thick. I seem to recall that was always the point of Marlborough, somewhere where rich thick kids would be kept off the street and out of sight.

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