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Gunboat Diplomacy or Handbags at Dawn.

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Canada sends navy to Arctic north

The move follows a spat between Canada and Denmark, over an uninhabited rock called Hans Island in the eastern Arctic region.

A visit there by Canada's defence minister last month angered the Danes.

Now two Canadian warships, the Shawinigan and the Glace Bay, are on a mission to display what Canada calls its territorial sovereignty over parts of the Arctic it believes are within its borders.

Now I'm one who always wants global peace and harmony but the prospect of a small colonial war between two, frankly pussy, countries fills me with delight. Both countries have a glorious military history, and some bellicose bloggers, so maybe this will be the wake up call they need.
Go to it boys, you know what he said when you back was turned don't you, and what he said about your mother, that wasn't right; tell you what I'll hold your coats, clear a bit of space, go on...


Oh shit....I might get drafted!

Danish ships are made out of lego aren't they?

I think I saw this comment at Harry's place:

"Canada vs Denmark? Denmark every time. Nobody ever said, "from the fury of the Canadians, good Lord deliver us", did they?"

I will back the lumberjacks .... remember Vimy Ridge!

Canada has warships?

Who knew?

As Kate at smalldeadanimals points out, if this was taking place in a few months the Canadians would NOT be sending warships as they have none (unlike the Danes) that can operate in the Arctic outside the summer months....they still use Sea King helicopters (which keep falling out of the sky) for goodness sake!

An interesting situation could arise here!

UK Governments since the 1972 have claimed that European Law is "supreme" in the UK . What would be the position in law if the EU attempted to impose its will on British and Canadian Subjects by force in the circumstances which are envisioned in Article 224 of the European Treaty?

If I recall correctly, In Canada, the Queen's official title is Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom, Canada and Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith


Ooh, two NATO members having a spat, this could be interesting. But who would we side with? Both qualify as allies under NATO, but then you have the choice of "European" or "Commonwealth". Tricky.

Does Canada still have those submarines that we flogged them?

yes they do .... & I think I am correct in saying that the one that caught fire is working now ... well for 5 mins at least!

Jeez, don't encourage them. It will be like watching seniors trying to gum each other to death over the last bit of tapioca.

According to the Telegraph online, the Canadians are ready to take on the United States, Russia and Norway as well, so this is escalating!

"watching seniors trying to gum each other to death over the last bit of tapioca"

OUCH - very funny though

We're going to take on the US, Russia & Norway? Oh dear, we're done for.

But I think the Telegraph is off a bit; Denmark & Canada have already "made nice" about this particular rock (or so our papers tell us...)

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