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Another victim

Britain, UK news from The Times and The Sunday Times - Times Online

A FARMER who was run over and killed by a car thief stealing his Land Rover may have been trying to save his dog, police said yesterday.
Mick Boffey, a 61-year-old grandfather, jumped in front of the Land Rover Defender to stop the thief as he drove off. The farmer was left dying from head injuries as his wife Bernice and friends tried to save him.

His dog, Jack, a border terrier cross, always travelled in the Land Rover and Mr Boffey may have been trying to prevent his pet being stolen.
The former stray, who had been Mr Boffey's companion for the past three years, was later found unharmed in another farm vehicle.

What a shame he didn't have a more effective way to stop these scum available, but then this is England.


You let Labour in. This is the result

"An armed Society is a polite society"

Even in countries where people are well equipped with firearms, it would be hard to justify using them against car thieves! Self defence, yes, but in my opinion there should be some balance between the seriousness of the crime and the actions a citizen is allowed to take.

Knut Albert

Aha, but Knut, maybe a shot to the tyre would have stopped the vehichle, and I expect that the crook would have been instantaneously more polite.
Other results would have been:-
One secure Jack Russell,
One living farmer,
One burst tyre,

Or should shooting one's own property not be allowed in the brave new world?

That should be up to the conscience of the property owner, not the courts to decide.

If your on my property uninvited, and stealing my stuff, then I'm not going to be helping the police with the missing person reports...

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