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Plod stupidity

Kim du Toit - brings us the story -

Martin Pearson, 48, and his 14-year-old son, from Sheffield, were on a fishing trip in Scarborough when they bought a plastic pistol and a rifle from a seafront stall.
But they sparked an alert when a member of the public spotted them with the guns and told police. An armed response unit surrounded the pair before they were handcuffed and put in a van while sniffer dogs searched their car. The pair were arrested and taken to Scarborough police station and held for five-and-a-half hours while their fingerprints, photographs and DNA samples were taken before they were released on bail at 4.30am.

The follow up is even more worrying:

News - Sheffield Today: News, Sport, Jobs, Property, Cars, Entertainments & More

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said the pair were spotted by a concerned member of the public.
"Even police firearms experts, who are highly trained, close up cannot tell the difference between a BB gun, toy or lethal weapon."

Well that fills me with confidence...


It's the five and a half hours that confuse me. How long does it take to ask "where did you get that gun?" Answer: "from a seafront stall, look it's plastic". Reply "OK then, sorry to trouble you Sir, but you understand we have to respond to public" What's that? About one minute?

Typical overreaction from self justifying plod. I would refuse to be fingerprinted or give a DNA sample unless I was charged. That is disgraceful criminalisation of two innocents. Thank god they werent Brazilian electricians! I'll wager money the concerned member of the public wasnt charged with wasting Police time!

You missed off the most frightening quote from the police:

"At the very least you might frighten people and cause alarm and at the worst it doesn't bear thinking about"

I suppose they mean they will shoot you dead.

"I would refuse to be fingerprinted or give a DNA sample unless I was charged"

Not an option I'm afraid, plod are empowered to take these (by force if necessary) merely by the fact that you have been arrested.

Sounds to me like the police did the right thing--their job! Why all the whiny belly-aching from you and that racist moron du Toit?

You want to play with guns, pay the prices.

Firstly, They weren't guns. They were TOYS. Plastic toys. God forbid that a father play and interact with his son in Modern Britain. Can't encourage those kinds of values.
Secondly, How is Kim DuToit racist, or is that just a catch all epithet that Anonymous types like to throw around.
I have another epithet for you. Fascist. Reference the actions of British police for the definition of this word.


Please do post a link, just one, to any racist comment by Kim du Toit.

Mr. Anonymous has just cut me to the very depths of my African-American soul...

...and it's a common tactic of the Left: when you can't counter the other side's argument, bring in the insults.

Can't wait to see the day when Mr. (or Ms.?) Anonymous and his ilk are being loaded onto the cattle-cars; another example of the police "just doing their job".

I've got another word for Mr Internet Tough Guy: coward.

Anybody that's ever held a real gun can tell the difference between a toy and the real thing within about 30 seconds. That supposedly competent, trained, police marksmen were unable to do so is pretty disturbing. And yes, that includes 'replica' BB guns, top tip: if the magazine only has space for ball bearings and it's made of plastic, it's not a frickin' lethal weapon.

And, if they did know but thought it was OK to detain this father and son 'to prove a point' doesn't that count as wrongful arrest?

And watch as England decends into IngSoc.

Incredible. In any sane country, the parent and child would have been apologized to, and the idiot who made the bogus emergency call would have been arrested.

NOW do you understand why people are concerned about the murder of the Brazilian you fucking moron?

I'm giving Mr Spence the benefit of the doubt that he is addressing our anonymous friend - otherwise he is out of here pronto.

"A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said the pair were spotted by a concerned member of the public.
"Even police firearms experts, who are highly trained, close up cannot tell the difference between a BB gun, toy or lethal weapon.""
Which means that the UK police don't know a thing about firearms; their idea of a firearms expert is someone who watched a ten minute film about "assault rifles". Most of their "experts" probably wouldn't know which end of a gun to point.

Is anyone else more than slightly concerned that this is another case of Plod setting himself up as something more powerful than the rest of us? One of the basic features of British social history has been a healthy distrust of authority and its tendency to become authoritarian.

Itís why the army is traditionally underfunded and undermanned and itís also why it took Sir Robert Peel more than a decade to get approval for the formation of the Met.

Coppers are civilians. Civilians with an unpleasant job, for sure. But that could also describe sanitary workers. I think itís time they were reminded them of this fact.

Oh, Anonymous, just because a guy was born in South Africa and has an Afrikaans surname, it doesnít automatically mean heís a racist. For proof of my assertion I offer two literary heroes of the anti-apartheid struggle: Riaan Malan and Breyten Breytenbach. Please provide proof of yours or forever be damned? As they say in the Transvaal: Put up or voetsak.


Surely the thing about real guns is, you can't bend them easily with your bare hands. Why couldn't the plod just do that at the point of arrest? Instead of taking custody of an innocent parent and child for hours, and treating them as if they were murderers?

What kind of agenda is at work here I wonder.

contrast with today's story in the Sun of a hoodie youth pointing a gun at passers by in Knutsford Cheshire, being arrested and then taken home to his mum. They didn't even send armed officers as they worked out it was a BB gun.


I always laugh at the "racist" comments. Back in 1972, I was arrested and jailed for my opposition to apartheid, and I was tailed and had my phone tapped by the Security Police for years afterwards.

But let's not allow the inconvenient facts to upset the stereotype, shall we?


You're right, laughter is the best response to these idiots.

It's just I work with a bunch of normal, decent SA guys (of about every combination you could find in this country) and just sometimes you have to call these prats out, if only to show what cowards they are.

Keep up the good work,


Calling the police is one thing. But holding children for over 4 hours?

Surely Politically Correct Plod should have spotted the toys within minutes.

Does it really take Politically Correct Plod 4 hours to tell the difference between a firearm and a toy?

A clear case of wrongful arrest and false imprisonment. Worth 500 quid compensation for each hour detained; it's pretty obvious after the initial arrest the Plod went on a four hour 'fishing trip' to try and cover their actions and thereby dodge the complaint. I wonder if their home was raided?
I hope they sue - it's only down to sheer good luck they didn't die in a hail of bullets like so many other unfortunates in recent years.

This smacks of pure panic and overreaction on the part of the Police. Having had training in the use of firearms - like Kim I am originally from SA - I found myself amazed at the fact that the Met firearms trained "expert" could empty eleven rounds from what I assume is a 9mm when the usual two at the range he was standing at, would have been more than enough!

Anyone who can't tell the difference between a toy plastic weapon and the real thing within 30 seconds should not be on an armed response unit!

At the end of the day the Police were doing their job. It is an offence under the Firearms act to carry an imitation firearm in public. People are being robbed at gun point by these "so called" toys and you social workers are the ones that try and get them off with it.

You people are this countries problem. It makes me sick when people like you cop bash. Your the first ones to complain when they do there job and it suits you to moan, but if anything happens, your the first people who will call 999. Try opening your eyes to your ignorance and check out the world in which you are living.

Here in sunny Japan (you guys in UK want to start working on your exit strategy), I can stroll into my neighbourhood toy store and buy an imitation Heckler Hoch submachine gun. The difference between this and the one carried by cops at LHR is that the plastic one doesn't go off on its own when accidentally dropped. With UK cops over-reacting to such an extreme, I wonder if there's not a scam you could pull. Limp through an underground station with a backpack muttering and drooling. Provoke the cops to arrest you and then with a cast iron alibi and no-win, no-fee lawyer, claim for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment. Seriously, the police will be paying out a significant proportion of their operating funds if they don't chill out a bit and stop spitting the dummy. But the only way to be sure UK cops donít murder you is to leave the UK. But considering the huge difference between armed police or even general police and the public at large, wouldnít it make more sense if they left so the rest of us could be a lot safer.

if you ever are unlucky enough to be anywhere near the storm troopers when in action get behind the biggest one as these highly trained OFFICERS are so scared a car back firing would actually cause a massacre. They shout even when the suspects are on the ground . if after 4 or 5 hours they still cant come to terms with the reality of real weapons cant they be issued with plastic weapons . more lifes would be saved as they would need to bludgen the innocents but at least most would survive. stan any chief constabul wishing to meet me or talk use e mail provided
.please come alone and unarmed,.

Wow! You all got so excited over some Plod behaviour, which made me laugh so much. You went to the point that you were insulting each other and calling each other racists.

I used to be a bit like that 25 years ago when I lived in the UK, but living here in Thailand all this time, one becomes such a calm, smiling, and happy person.

As the person from Japan said, you need to consider emigrating or at least getting a dose of Thailand each year.

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