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Quack quack

BBC NEWS | Health | Medics attack use of homeopathy

A leading medical journal has made a damning attack on homeopathy, saying it is no better than dummy drugs.
The Lancet says the time for more studies is over and doctors should be bold and honest with patients about homeopathy's "lack of benefit".
A Swiss-UK review of 110 trials found no convincing evidence the treatment worked any better than a placebo.

What works is having someone caring sit down and listen to you - they give you a little pill at the end so it seems like medicine when it is really therapy. I suppose, unlike many Doctors and Hospitals, it is unlikely to harm you. However, to be blunt, homoeopathy is bunk. What gets on my tits is the attitude of the Snake Oils Salesmen:

A spokeswoman from the Society of Homeopaths said: "It has been established beyond doubt and accepted by many researchers, that the placebo-controlled randomised controlled trial is not a fitting research tool with which to test homeopathy."

So it doesn't work under proper trial conditions - what research tool should we use then, Aunty Ethel telling us how it is the only thing to cure her "nerves"?


You said tits......huh huh huher

"Use new medicines quickly, while they still work"
- I forget.

You say it is unlikely to harm you - well, that depends if they don't advise you to avoid conventional treatment, tell you to stop using anitbiotics etc. Which they do.

Last time I was in m'local chemists they would only allow me to buy two packets of paracetamol, yet the water board will elt me have al the diluted toxins I can drink. Conclusion, drugs are eficatious, and water ain't.

I might give homeopathic dentistry a try. It can't be any less effective than not having a dentist. I can't afford private treatment and my NHS dentist has just gone all private. No NHS dentists for miles.

Of course we now know that science behaves differently in different cultures. In The West planes fly because of speed and aerodynamics, in China they fly because the Central Committee's 5 Year Plan demands it, and in those parts of the world where homeopathy works, planes fly because it is a countercultural reality.

And, despite the fact that it's been shown again to be useless, it's still available on the NHS.

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