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Don't offer them an inch

Brussels presses for metric Britain - Sunday Times - Times Online

BRUSSELS bureaucrats have been in talks with British officials about abolishing the mile, pint and acre in favour of kilometres, litres and hectares. ..
The approach was made in the past few weeks by the commission, which says it has been lobbied by unnamed parties to raise the issue. ..
A spokesman for GŁnter Verheugen, the European commissioner on enterprise and industry, said Britain was obliged to fulfil its promise to scrap imperial measures.

I note that Grunter's website boasts:

EUROPA - Vice-Preseident GŁnter Verheugen - Homepage
...as Vice-president and Commissioner for DG Enterprise and Industry, it has become my responsibility to increase competitiveness in the EU.

More growth, more competitiveness and more employment in the EU have to be the foremost political priority in Europe in the next few years if we hope to ensure the survival of the European model into the 21st century. I intend to do everything within my power to make sure that we achieve these objectives.
This task though concerns all of us: the European institutions, the Member States, social partners, institutions and organisations. Reaching this ambitious goal will require determined effort from all quarters of society and the personal commitment of every individual.
Are you interested in modern industrial policy, better regulation, the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship, support for small and medium-sized enterprises and the space or defence industries? On this web site, which also links to the web site of the Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry, you will find a wealth of information and advice. I invite you to share your ideas with us and learn from others' positive experiences.
Please join me in moving a good deal closer, over the next few years, to our goal of becoming the strongest, most innovative economic area....

And how is bullying us to turn metric going to help that?


This is very good news. The EU isn't very popular as it is, and this could turn people against it even more. It's a godsend to anti-EU types.

stuff the EU.

stuff any government that sells out Britain.

I don't see why using the same measurements as practically the rest of the world is 'selling out' Britain. Other countries went over to using metric, why can't we?

Well... set a date - how does dec 31st 9999 grab you - of course we'll all be too busy with the date rollover to 5 digits - but ... SEP

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