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ABC - The choice

K e n C l a r k e MP
This autumn Conservative MPs will not only decide the future of our Party, but potentially the future direction of Britain.

Ken Clarke is the Conservative who voters think would make the best Party Leader. The swing voters who we need to convince to vote Conservative, think so too. Put simply, Ken Clarke is the most appalling appealing Conservative in the United Kingdom.

No - the man is a disgrace - time the Tories got some young radical policies - so sign me up for ABC - Anyone But Clarke.

We want someone who is prepared to be a real alternative to Tony - what have they got to lose;
My starter for ten:
School vouchers; Flat Tax; Abolish the LEAs, Disengage from the EU (If withdrawal is too strong to stomach), Abolish the Regional Assemblies, a Bonfire of regulations, - it isn't hard to come up with a list.


You got my vote :)

If you promise to block up that hole at Folkstone, you will have my vote as well.

What’s his stance on pig farming?…………are you keeping something from us Tim?

There was one of the newer tory MPs who said he'd never vote for Clarke as long as there was a hole in his arse.
I agree, but perhaps a short spell of Clarke would lance the EUrophile boil on the backside of the tory party which has been troubling us for decades.

Couldn't agree more about the wishlist except to add: elected local police chiefs, welfare reform and an increase in the "bayonet" strength of the army?

Yeah, I know that good libertarians shouldn't be keen on defense expenditure, but I have a feeling we're not spending enough for our own good on this one.


Sign me up as an ABC voter, the wich list is fine, but a federal solution to the UK with each seperate entity generating its own cash would be top of my list.

RM all good libertarians should favour defence spending, you have to be willing and able to defend yourself, though not sure what good a bayonet would really be

Is this site for real!

Its fantastic. I assume its a spoof site set up to mock and ridicule little englanders, hardcore Daily Mail readers and sad bigots; in fact all who long for the 'England of old'

I also support ABC, he represents the only way that the tories can come close to troubling New Labour and establishing themselves as the official opposition ahead of the Labour back benches, the Lib Dems and UKIP.

Come on David 'I was born on a council Estate ' Davies

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