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BSE - I blame the French.

Telegraph | News | Human remains in cattle feed may have caused mad cow epidemic

The mad cow disease epidemic could have been caused by the feeding of material containing human remains to cattle, a scientist claimed yesterday.

Sometime ago, and I have looked and failed to find the reference, I cam across an account of a firm of Yorkshire Renderers who were producing Bone Meal in 18th and 19th Century. Their speciality was touring round Europe and clearing up Battlefields.
So on the morning after Waterloo and the local Mayor is looking out across a bloody field piled high with dead horses and soldiers a little man with a bowler hat on would turn up, whistle through his lips and say " Aye, nasty mess that Sir, wants some proper clearing before it gets too rank. Happen I know a champion bunch of lads who would do that for you. Nasty job, cost a bit but I could probably do you a deal..."
Of course the victors, the British would gather their own dead, and the women would search the French corpses but would they have buried them all? I think one or two would have got scooped up with the horses in to the Renderer's waggon. And that is how the Blood and Bone Meal that was feed to cattle as far back as then got infected.


Bowler Hat?……………surely a trilby aka Arfur Daley

Flat cap I reckon, and moleskin trousers...

I seem to remember reading an account of the Battle of Plevna (a rather bloody to do between Ruskies and Turks in Bulgaria sometime in the 1870's). Apparently it got everybody talking in Victorian England (plucky Johnny Turk vs Big Nasty Ivan).

As an endnote the author commented on an article in the London Times a couple of years after the battle reporting the arrival of an amazingly large consignment of bonemeal from the battlefield of Plevna. It wasn't a "shock horror" article, more a piece of trade information.

Looks like dishing ground up corpses to Daisy was quite commonplace in those days.


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