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Just adding my opposition.

England Expects

There are plans to create a European “Oath of faithfulness”...Now is the time to act against this invidious measure. Let them know that we do not want an oath of allegiance to the EU in no uncertain terms, and the idea will be taken off the table.

OK - I'll be blunt - the EU can sod off, Oath of Faithfullness to the EU, my arse!


Here here!!

The Free Market Free State is another step closer to declaring UDI. Tim, sorry mate but you cant be Minister for Uniforms - I already have lots of applicants for the job. Minister for Beer?

How about:

"I [state your name] do faithfully promise to working tirelessly for the common good of the citizens of the nations of europe.

I swear that I shall take every opportunity to undermine the evil workings of the European Union, its Commission and Parliament.

I shall fisk without fear or favour its statements and utterances.

I shall offer moral support to any other who takes this pledge.

So help me God (who we all know is an Englishman)."


PS Mr FM, can I be Ambassador to Sunny Climes? I am already based abroad and can offer significant knowledge of local customs and industry (especially the brewing and distilling sectors).

As I am already employed I would not be a drain on the Free State exchequor barring a small entertainment allowance.

A Diplomatic Passport would also help significantly in certain delicate negotiations I am currently conducting with the local authorities.

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