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2nd best option

Britain, UK news from The Times and The Sunday Times - Times Online

TONY BLAIR must use his power as President of the EU to end the "medieval" practice of European legislation being decided behind closed doors, according to an unprecedented joint declaration by the leaders of all British political groups in Brussels.
Critics claim that the Council of Ministers, the EU's supreme law-making body, which decides two thirds of all Britain's laws, is the only legislature outside the Communist dictatorships of North Korea and Cuba to pass laws in secret.
The campaign - launched by a letter in The Times today and an official proclamation in the European Parliament - demands that the Prime Minister use his six-month EU presidency to open up debates and votes at the council to public scrutiny.

And about time - though I note the Southern European countries are against. Of course I have another option in mind of what to do with the EU commission which might be considered a bit more radical, though I'm sure the Chinese could quickly and cheaply supply the necessary rope....


Good suggestion, popular, practical and topical to boot, bugger I just dropped a stich.

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