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Spiced Ham

Number Watch reminds me of SourceWatch an encyclopedia of people, issues and groups shaping the public agenda. It is a project of the Center for Media & Democracy; email bob AT sourcewatch.org

Antispam note: To avoid attracting spam email robots, email addresses on the SourceWatch are written with AT in place of the usual symbol, and we have removed "mail to" links. Replace AT with the correct symbol to get a valid address. We regret the inconvenience this entails. Lobby your government for more effective antispam regulations.

Ah - I think that petulant cry for "help" and interference from the Government tells me all I need to know about the site...


borrowed from "http://www.sikhmatrimonials.com" early days of the Khalsa: Sikh light cavalry would frequently employ the tactic of rushing upon the enemy's ranks, with the sole intention of breaking up the enemy's cohesion. They would use the cavalry sabre available to them, the kirpan, in order to do this."

(This is the heritage of the Kirpan)

Add this that a vast majority of Sikhs invoke their religion in order to carry a Kirpan but then fail to wear Katch (long britches). Why is it that ones is important but one isn't?

I sometimes have a hard time understanding some religious customs.

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