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BBC launches Satellite TV

Telegraph | News | Why they want you to have a dish on your roof

Why launch Freesat?
Broadcasters are eager to switch over to digital as soon as possible to cut the costs of running two systems at once. Ensuring that almost everyone in the country can get free digital is part of their campaign to persuade the Government to end analogue broadcasts sooner rather than later. The BBC and ITV may also have ulterior motives in pushing free satellite.
The set-top boxes used for Freeview and satellite come in two varieties - those with a slot that can take a pay TV card and the "dumb" variety that can never be upgraded to subscription TV. The BBC is keen to get as many "dumb" set-top boxes on the market as possible in order to protect the licence fee.
Senior managers believe that if a large number of viewers have set-top boxes that can accept pay TV cards, it makes it too easy for a future Government to demand that the BBC funds itself through subscription

I hadn't thought of that - as Freakonomics would say - look for the hidden incentive. (Good book and site by the way!)



Slightly off subject, but can you recommend a good beginners guide to economics?

The more I try to keep track of the world the more I realise that the subject dominates and apart from being able to draw the price:supply and demand graph (sometimes even getting it right) I am a bit of a novice on the topic.

Although I have something of the right about me politically I'd prefer any book that explained the principles clearly enough for an engineer rather than a polemic.

Many thanks,


All programs and movies can be accessed over the internet. The internet has infinite channels. In the future, this shall be mainstream.

Television shall be "dead" within 20 years.

Telephone ditto (Skype).

Newspapers ditto (organic Internet news, blogs etc)

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