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Tory potential

Scotsman.com News - Top Stories - Davis launches leadership bid with pledge on low tax

He leaves no doubt that, unlike other leadership candidates, he is firmly committed to reducing taxes. "Only a low-tax, light-regulation economy can provide the resources for good healthcare and education, roads and police because those are the economies that generate sustainable wealth," he writes.
"Only a low-tax, light regulation economy can build the stronger society we all want to see because those are the economies that encourage enterprise, provide incentives and promote competition."

He is getting my vote so far - well he would do if they would let the Tory members vote and if I was a Tory Party Member - , but apart from that put me down as a swing voter more likely to vote Tory if he is elected...


apparently 40% of voters prefer Clarke.

It isnt clear if this 40% would vote Conservative if Clarke were leader.

Apparently most Labour voters also prefer Clarke

Hmm, the E word* doesn't get a mention.

He won't get my vote until he makes clear his position on that.

Oh I forgot - I am not a Tory party member and haven't voted for them since 1987. Ah well.

* E = Elephant in the living room. Or Eulephant maybe.

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