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In 1780, Mr. Hiat (with one 't') formed his business manufacturing "Prisoners' Handcuffs to the Trade". ..Hiatt's range is the most comprehensive of any handcuff manufacturer in the world today. ..Hiatt's offers a range of expandable friction - lock batons, made from a ZYTEL polycarbonate composite material or steel. The traditional range of wooden British - style truncheons is also available.

Ah - A proud traditional British Manufacturing company, winning in the export market, something we can all be proud of can't we? Seems not.

BBC NEWS | UK | Activists target handcuffs firm
Campaigners are targeting a Birmingham firm that they say makes "shackles" used at the Guantanamo Bay camp.

Now there are some places that targeting a firm that makes truncheons wouldn't be such a good idea....


Ooh! I've got a pair of Hiat's finest :)

Good fun!

I understand that the protesters are demanding shackles that are culturally sensitive, hypoallergenic, and that are dolphin-free. If these is not available the arresting authorities then can have the prisoner sign a Post-It note and promise to be good.

An opportunity for a little simultaneous R&D and quality control testing me thinks. The Guinea Pigs angle makes it rather topical too.

I think the complaint is that Hiatt's products don't look good when worn with orange overalls, black leather is a far better accompaniment.

For prolonged wearing, though, I prefer the mink lined ones available from Mrs Miggins's Fantasy Emporium and Tea Shoppe, Marine Parade, Walmington-on-Sea.


I think it's terrible that the Americans are shackling these ... when the proper thing to do with unarmed combatants is to shoot them.

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