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Gratuitous Media Story

Goodbye boys, this is the return of modesty - Sunday Times - Times Online

WONDERBRA is covering up. The underwear company that pushed Eva Herzigova's cleavage into the public eye with the slogan "Hello Boys" is promoting its new range of bras using fully clad models. It may signal the decline of an era of sexually overt advertising.

Shame - what sort of adverts are they dropping?






Disgusting - they should be banned!


A disasterous decision, doubtless brought about by some PC control freak.Personnally I think the ads perform a marvelous public service.

I worked in Jo'burg when the original "Hello Boys" ad came out. My daily commute was a hellish experience and invariably I arrived at the office in a foul temper.

Then, wonder of wonders, Wonderbra put a massive billboard about two minutes from my destination. Result: One by fuming mining engineer experienced a moment of enlightenment each morning just before arriving at the office. No more snapping at people and general misery.

Wonderbra improved my life.


I just wonder when they will make clothes/bra advertisements without models at all :) Just give the PC freaks two more years, and bra ads will be banned completely.

Bras are a symbol of the female individual's enslavement into a macho world anyway, innit?

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