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More Cash Please

Lead story on BBC NEWS | England

Rural campaigners say England's countryside will be gone in a generation if we do not change our ways.

Oh yes it is the Campaign for the Prevention of Rural Enterprise at work again looking for cash, sorry that should have read " it is the Campaign to Protect Rural England encouraging everyone who enjoys visiting the countryside to join the debate".

Lead problem - Tree Sparrow's number's are down - strangely The Castle is blessed with one of Southern Britain's largest flocks of Tree Sparrows so I know a little about them - they used to be rare and had a huge population boom in the 1960s and are now rare again, they are also hard to spot which makes identifying them difficult. And of course Sparrow Hawk numbers have vastly increased, go figure!
Farm workers are disappearing - Yes, farming is becoming a largely mechanised industry, farm work is hard, dirty, dangerous and poorly paid. Of course I wish I was back twenty years ago when a gang of us would be out in the fields shifting bales, happiest days of my life, but it is progress it now takes one machine a quarter of the time to do the same job. And modern farming frees up more land for wildlife, hence my Tree Sparrows have five acres set- aside just for them!
No what the CPRE means is that retired Major Twittering-Twitt (Catering Corp Rtd.), who runs the local branch, can't find a chap to do the garden for a few bob after working a long week on the farm down the road, and that the Memsahib can't find a woman "to do" because they have cars and drive into town for a proper job. And the pub no longer has horse brasses and dimpled glasses with handles with the Landlord welcoming him every lunchtime as the pub's most important customer; it is now a modern eatery where young telecommutes laugh about foreign holidays and how much money they make.
The British Countryside is like the climate, it is changing and always has done. And above the desire for Picture Postcard Poverty should be recognising that the locals deserve to be able to enjoy the material progress the rest of the country has.


"I wish I was back twenty years ago when a gang of us would be out in the fields shifting bales, happiest days of my life". Me too.

I wonder where my old pitchfork is now.

English countryside?

Plenty of room to house Labour's Invaders.

It's an old EU-song over and over again... the one about 'the value of traditional lifestyles', and about spending 48.75% of all funds for an industry that generates an income of 3% of the total European GDP.
Way to go, EU.

While I agree with you on the changing face of the country and of farming in general, I think the real threat comes from the massive building programme this present shower of "townie" ideologues in parliament consider necessary. Where I live, the town has almost doubled in size in the last eight years, but jobs have decreased. The Tree Sparrows might be flourishing, but so is the Labour campaign to "build the Tories out of office"!

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