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Wanadoo - Wannadon't -calling Rob Connell

I have mentioned before Wanadoo's amazing customer service. Brief recap, they sent me a bill for 10.49 for a service they supplied to a company I worked for - I thought a quick friendly call would allow them to send it to the right person. Nope, waste of time - put it in writing and no, we don't do email! The demand for payment was signed by Rob Connell - Managing Director. So I wrote to them saying, please forward this invoice to ... and who is Rob Connell - as he isn't listed at Companies House and is Google invisible. Got a letter back confirming that Rob Connell is "one of their Managing Directors". and sorry we are unable to forward invoices, please pay the 10 owing!
I tried ringing the customer care specialist who signed the letter - and was told - she works in the other building and they don't have phones, and of course no email address either! (Remember that Wanadoo is "one of Europe's leading Internet and directories companies")
So I called Julian at the Press Office 020 7553 7566 and he explained that Wanadoo does have more than one Managing Director, one for each division, but that he couldn't find a Rob Connell on any list and had never heard of him.
I'm starting to believe Rob Connell doesn't exist and so I'm going to ignore his demand for payment. Sounds reasonable to me!


I used to work for a debt collection department of a certain high street bank and all the letters went out with fictional managers names.

I too have received many emails from this gentleman. I have now sent a reply to business.opportunities@uk.wanadoo.com

I am still looking for other wanadoo contacts.

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