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Oranges and Lemons

BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | Leaders must 'back forces of law'

Mr Hain said "responsible community and political leaders must come foursquare behind the forces of law and order".

Of course these Loyalist riots make him love his beloved Gerry and Martin even more as they are now the "nice" people. I hadn't realised that apart from the hapless Hain the other useless waste of space Shaun Woodward is Security Minister. I suppose with that pair working together it saves some money as it only needs one person to tie their shoes and wipe their noses for them.


Perhaps if the loyalists murder as many people as the IRA, they would get as much respect from Labour?

Peter Mandleson, Mo Molem and now Peter Hain, all old Trots and republicans to a man. Haters of Britain and more especially England. How could any of them understand the loyalty of Ulstermen and women, and their resentment at having their patriotism of generations, most recently from Mons, to Germany in 1945, thrown away in favour of merciless murderers, liars, and criminals. These appeasers and deceivers are delivering Ulster over to enemies. The incoherent anguish of Ulstermen is not difficult to understand. Representing the British government are the failed remnant of international socialism, the spiritual decendents of Stalin and Mao, the first generation never to have stood up for their country, even as National Servicemen.Let us just be thankful that Ian Paisly can still roar.

Hain & Co. weren't so keen a few years back when the "forces of law" were South African and the rioters were Marxists with a nasty habit of burning tyres around their opponent's necks.....and before the howls of "rascist" start, both the victims and many of the police and security forces were also black.

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