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I believe in eternal life

I am proud member of that traditional branch of the Church of England that doesn't actually require one to believe in God so I will leave matters spiritual to the Sky Pilots and those better versed in such matters. But even so I am confident in my belief that life is eternal and that death isn't the end. As a biologist it reassures me that my genes are immortal and have multiplied, it is pure vanity I know, because we share these basic building blocks, but they have served me well and so I am pleased to wish them "bon voyage" for the future. But we are not just mere machines for propagating our selfish genes. We are the sum of what we do, have done, our thoughts, our actions, our love. What we have built and nurtured may be our physical remembrances, but our affect on others, both now and in the future, is our real memorial. Some have called these exemplars our memes. And even after the direct memory of us and our standards has passed, I believe that these memes will still flourish and what was good will still live.


Where can I read more about this branch of the Church of England which does not require a belief in God?

Tim responds: - try any old Parish church in England where there are no guitars or bells and smells. It works for me.

That was beautiful.

The only purpose for a guitar in Church is to supply kindling for the fire.

Rightly said. I still remember my grand grandfather and the examples he set for me. He is still is around someway.

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