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Dept of the Bleeding Obvious

BBC NEWS | England | Devon | Green energy costs 'extra 1bn'

Telegraph | News | Welfare 'promotes child poverty'

Labour's welfare policies are promoting child poverty because they do not encourage parents to stay together, a think-tank claimed yesterday.

It needs repeating over and over again and eventually truths like these might start getting through.


It won't be repeated for the simple reason that this knowledge will contradict some person's sense of worth. We all know that knowledge is now the servant of feelings, then it follows that knowledge or fact is to be suppressed or ignored if it contradicts some sensitivity. So the fact that children raised in such circumstances are tremendously disadvantaged is not mentioned for fear of hurting the feelings of either the child or those responsible for him.

Do you mean that people are actually unable to figure this out without having to be "educated" by oracular think-tanks? Of course, I use the term "think-tank" loosely. Tanks can get so slimy and scummy without proper cleansing and other maintenance. Such as getting good brains in the first place!

I'm sorry, I'll return to my lurking mode again.

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