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Behind Bars

BBC NEWS | Politics | Clarke proposes 'community jails'

In an interview with the Guardian, Mr Clarke said: "We need to get to a state of affairs where prisoners are able to reintegrate into society through developing their relations with their friends and family.
"The break in that - and it happens often - is the damaging thing in people's ability to stop reoffending."

I am probably missing the point here but what he seems to be saying is that when someone goes to prison they are "often" sent away from their friends and relations. I thought that was part of the idea to break their contact with their fellow local scrotes, but obviously I'm wrong. What he seems to be suggesting is nice little weekend break just down the road, as long as that isn't too inconvenient, as the nuLabour nuPrisons.


Hang on a sec... Half the reason for the reoffending rate in this country is a lack of a proper strategy for released inmates. By keeping the criminal in touch with his family (or, maybe, creating conditions where he is reconnected with them for the first time in a long time) we are providing one strand of the necessary support to keep him out of trouble when released.

I don't support soft options for wrong-doers but I do support sensible moves that encourage them away from their previous lives. When all is said and done family support is a vital ingredient in helping a miscreant go straight.

Half the reason for recidivism among the sociopathic US felon population is due to the %1 career-criminal class enjoying the fruits of their work no matter how temporary, not because of any post-release social-strategy, and the near %100 recidivism among sex-offenders is that because, short of castration or electro-lobotimization or something, there's really no "cure" for what makes them tick either - they *will* reoffend.

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