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Bad news for Germany and the Euro

Telegraph | News | Election chaos in Germany as rivals finish neck-and-neck

Germany now faces weeks in limbo as the main parties indulge in horse-trading over all the possible permutations.

Normally I welcome the lack of Government - I believe America's strongest period of economic growth was during the Florida Recount interregnum. But what Germany needs is some decisions made, it almost doesn't matter what the decision is but without a sense of direction it will continue to drift aimlessly. Weak coalition, need for strong leadership, looking for a leader with vision, a call for a strong Germany... whoops we have been here before, I think I will go and clean out the Anderson shelter....


It all sounds so familiar...

Yes, please, let us tread carefully when expressing a desire for a strong Germany. That certainly hasn't worked out well for western civilization in the past.

As I stated in my own posting earlier today, I think the German people are actually starting to wake up to the realization that no matter who winds up at the helm of government, the end result will be business as usual, and not business of benefit to the nation as a whole. Perhaps no worse to be gridlocked and leaderless than to have either of the two mediocrities on the ballot in charge.

Germany's achilles heel is her overburdened population of Muslim squatters that breed like flies, and her weakened economy because of it.

Germany needs to rethink immigration policies before she can decide anything else.

Liberranter wishes for a weak Germany.

The 1930s were a product of a weak Germany.

Liberranter's 1920's equivalents made similar statements.

An economically and politically strong Germany does not necessarily have to be a military threat. But a Germany that loses heart may just be ripe for the triumph of some form of totalitarian nattionalist revival. I would like to say that this threat could come from the left or right but the left seems intent in merely holding on to its Third Way fantasies and the right seems to be afraid to have any stronger position then to be more businesslike than the left in running a welfare state. One of these parties needs to reform the country but neither seem interested or capable of achieving anything other than being elected or re-elected.


'Germany's achilles heel '

Oh dear.

'overburdened population of Muslim squatters ... '

Is that actually what you meant to say?

'...that breed like flies'


'...her weakened economy because of it.'

Economist, are we? With nice simple answers.


No, the desire is not for a "weak" Germany, but for a Germany unencumbered by the usual Statist nonsense that has the rest of the western world on a downward spiral. Certainly Germany can maintain one of Europe's strongest economies (and exist as a free people) without the patronizing incompetence of either the Green Left, the CDU Right, or the other self-serving mediocrities on the fringe.

Actually our strongest growth was in the 1990ís when Clinton vetoed the budget and the Federal Government shut down for several weeks. The politicians finally compromised and went back to wasting our money before we all got too used to such a wonderful arrangement.

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