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Vive la Difference

England Expects reported:

Philippe Douste-Blazy, the new French Minister for Europe was "visiting the new Yad Vashem museum in Jerusalem, Douste-Blazy, while looking at a map of Europe showing the number of Jews living in each country before and after the Holocaust, apparently asked:

"Were there no Jews killed in England?"
"But, Minister, England was not occupied by the Nazis!"
"But no Jews were expelled from England?" replies Douste-Blazy."

EU Referendum followed up and confirmed the story:

But, as a matter of fact, there is a kind of a logic in M Douste-Blazy's curious questions. The truth is that Jews had been deported from Vichy France long before it was completely conquered by the Germans. Maybe the Foreign Minister thought that some similar arrangement had existed with Britain as well.

Or, of course, he may just be ignorant and stupid.


The Anti-Christ seeks World Domination and Destruction of the Children of God.

I seem to remember there being a purging of Jews in England a long time before the Nazi's were even thought of. About 300 years ago, something like that?

Since he's French, I'd agree. The French are the epitome of mainland Euro-Trash. I visited Paris once when I lived in Belgium. It rained, smelled bad, the people were the most unfriendliest lot ever, and I will never go back.

London, in contrast, is a beautiful city and the people are overtly friendly and courteous. Rome runs a close second; we loved Rome too.


Edict of Expulsion, 1290. Jews were excluded for about 350 years.

I dropped out of History at school in favour of Geography. Thanks for clarifying that for me, I thought we were one of the first.

Ah, Geography. One of the colouring-in subjects.

I would suspect that this is a piece of "tactical" forgetfulness. The Froggies like to think they were instrumental in defeating Mr Hitler.

Being forced to remember that Britain (plus Canada and the "evil" US) were the ones who actually saved their butts causes serious discomfort. This is especially so when they are reminded that a significant number of their countrymen actively assisted the occupiers.

I wouldn't be surprised if the official history syllabus in French schools applies a thick coat of whitewash to the whole Vichy/collaboration subject.

Still anyone who rises to a national cabinet should have some grasp of his nation's history. Oh, sorry can't really pick on the frogs for this one when one looks at the mugus in power on the other side of the channel.


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