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Chicken Little

BBC NEWS | Politics | Council tax revaluing is shelved

Plans to revalue English homes for council tax have been postponed until after the next election, the government has announced.
Local Government Minister David Miliband said
" Cluck, cluck, cluck, Cock-a-doodle doo, Poll Tax riots, votes, smokescreen, next election...."

Thank goodness for The Reverend Alfred Ridley, 71, of Towcester, Northants jailed for 28 days for refusing to pay what he called an "unfair" increase in council tax.He seems to have put the wind up'em.


I thought there were poll tax riots were only allowed when Mrs. Thatcher was Prime Minister? Isn't that part of Common Law? How could Labour ever, ever do anything that would damage the interests of the people? Doesn't Labour care more?

OK, now I'm a little confused. When I wrote my comment earlier I was under the impression that a poll tax and council tax are similar or interchangeable. Later I was told that this is not so, any help?

Pat - the council tax is only paid by law-abiding householders, mostly home-owners whose opinions and sufferings can be routinely ignored by NuLab - or could, until now.

By contrast, a poll tax is paid by everybody, which for some reason is held to be unfair.

Unfair, that is, unless it's called a Television Licence fee.

Andrew-Thanks. To satisfy my own curiousity, do lanlords pay a council tax, who collects the tax and do they get to keep and disburse that money?

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