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Bus them from the ghettos?

BBC NEWS | UK | UK 'sleepwalking' to segregation

Trevor Phillips, head of the Commission for Racial equality...(will) voice his fears of a "New Orleans-style Britain of passively coexisting ethnic and religious communities, eyeing each other over the fences of our differences".
The Sunday Times said he would suggest new measures to help encourage integration - which could include forcing "white" schools to take larger numbers of ethnic minorities.
He will admit that his message is "bleak", but sees Hurricane Katrina as a warning to Britain to avoid complacently believing that it has an integrated society.
"The fact is we are a society which, almost without noticing it, is becoming more divided by race and religion,"

I just don't know or have an opinion - living in an area that is 99.40% white (Source: Neighbourhood Statistics), what do I know about it? Your opinions would fascinate me.


People feel safer in their own communities.

How did these areas become cleansed of English peoples?

People vote with their feet.

Wrote about it this morning:


"Forced integration?" Trevor should take a look at American history of the last thirty-five-odd years, focusing specifically on the city of Boston's 1974 attempt at bussing and forced school desegregation. The results were not at all pleasant and had the most noticeable effect of hastening the collapse of the city's public schools that was already in full swing. Most other major American cities underwent the same process, with forced integration of schools having no other effect than compelling parents of non-black children to either move, use fraudulent addresses to send their children to other mostly white schools in the same urban areas, or enroll them in private/parochial schools. In other words, status quo maintained, with only massive disruption of innocent children's lives and intensified animosity between the races to show for it.

George Santayana's words about repeating the past are absolutely relevant here, but liberals seem to have particular trouble grasping the concept.

Ha! Neighbourhood statistics only works for addresses in ENGLAND.

How chauvinist can you guys get?

What happened to the concept of immigrants INTEGRATING INTO their new home country? Multiculturalism is the pathway to destruction of a nation. A nation which is full of foreign language speaking, foreign culture, ghettos, will, inevitably see the destruction of the "home culture" and the "home language". It will descend into becoming a Third-World country drowning in ethnic wars.

With the Mexican influx into the USA, people who want to keep their culture and do not want to learn English, and the other mini-ethnic ghettos evolving in that country, the USA is already well on the way to the destruction of its identity.

This should be resisted in the UK with all our might.


You're absolutely correct. The question is, will Britons stand up and resist the onslaught? It seems the British PC police are working against popular nationalist sentiments with a ferocity unimaginable (yet) here in the U.S.

A variety of reliable polls (from pollsters of all political persuasions) report that more than 95 percent of Americans demand tighter restrictions on immigration into the U.S., legal and otherwise. Of course the Bush administration, its Republican allies in Congress and the Democratic opposition have completely ignored the people's wishes (the elections are over, after all, and they can count on the A.D.D. of the masses to sustain them in power).

Nothing will happen as long as the people in both the UK and the US put faith in and vote for the established political parties and their corporate/special interest group puppeteers. Does anyone see signs of that changing in the foreseeable future? I don't think so.

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