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Interim Payment - More than my job's worth!

News Of the World - Online Edition

Almost three months after the 7/7 terror bombings the victims have still not been given a penny by the state.
Instead, the 700 maimed and injured and families of the 52 innocents killed in the attacks on London's transport system have had to rely on charity handouts.
Meanwhile suspects held after the failed 21/7 bombings are on legal aid and their families have had thousands in benefits. ...
The long-term payments will come from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. But last night a spokeswoman admitted NOTHING had yet been paid. She said: "We'll be making our first interim offers within two to three weeks."


Could the victims not sue the estates of the murderers?

Usually the families of suicide bombers receive large sums of money from the financial backers.

The money will be in a bank in Beirut or Cairo or somewhere like that where there is absolutely bugger all chance of getting at it.

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