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BBC NEWS | UK | Drunk young women 'taking risks'
...a third (of young women) had been sexually assaulted while drunk and 34% had had unprotected sex after drinking
Only 2% of men questioned said they had been sexually assaulted after drinking too much.
As well as being more likely to be assaulted, the study also suggests women are more likely than men to become aggressive.
They are getting into more fights, more arguments and are being arrested or cautioned by the police more than young men
More than half the women questioned had got into an argument while drunk, compared with 45% of men.
And 27% of women admitted to having been arrested or cautioned by police while drunk, compared with 16% of men.
Just under a fifth - 19% - of female interviewees had been injured through an accident after getting drunk, compared with 14% of men.
The findings of the survey have been published by the Portman Group to coincide with the launch of its "drinks diary" scheme.
The scheme encourages people to log their alcohol consumption.
The free drinks diary is available at www.drinkaware.co.uk.

About time us men were protected from these ruffians - it always has been a well known fact that if no women are about blokes can drink peacefully all night, as soon as the dangerous mixture of well lubricated ladies and youth is added then trouble occurs. Can we ask for the return of proper four ale bars where the only sound is the click of Dominoes and a muted oath as the cribbage game is lost, and the only woman is Betty, the Landlord's wife, bringing in a new jar of Pickled Eggs to go in the Crisp packets? Reclaim the night I say!

I will download the diary for Mr FM as he seems to be on a health kick these days - getting worryingly thin as well, many years in the Orient can do that to a man....


English woman?

Fat. Aggressive. Burping. Farting. Swearing. Wants her rights and keeps her privileges. Demands respect, gives none. Chooses which rules to obey.

Gets married. Comes home with STD. Divorces. Takes your money. Takes your house. Takes your children.

Go East young man. Go East.

Excuse me No2, but are you lumping ALL English women into this category?

We may as well; prepare for the worst. Find out you misjudged the moral depths to which humans can sink :P

"sexually assaulted" = having bum/breast groped. And 50pc of the women who said they did probably lied to sound like they are desirable. Alcohol-fuelled false memories perhaps?

Thin !!!!! I will out lard any man

Misty -

present company excluded.

:) Thank you, that's ok then!

"Fat. Aggressive. Burping. Farting. Swearing. Wants her rights and keeps her privileges. Demands respect, gives none. Chooses which rules to obey.

"Gets married. Comes home with STD. Divorces. Takes your money. Takes your house. Takes your children.

"Go East young man. Go East."

Well said, No2 (the only change I would make is to substitute "American" for "English").

Oh, liberranter, that isn't very nice. I have managed to lure two of your island species into my star spangled web thus far, so we can't be all bad. Are you and No 2 not a tad bitter, perhaps?

Nancy -

yes, as always, you are right. I am bitter.

I cannot handle a real woman. Its not your problem, it is me.

Luckily, for me and other poor pathetic males, there are women who can accept our shortcomings.

(Go East young man. Go East)


Bitter? Nah, just bating flame from classy ladies who can put misguided cynics like me in my place. And a good job you've done of it, too!


Have a good weekend.


What's with the 'Go east young man' bit all the time?

You said earlier 'Present company excluded'...

What qualifies as a 'real woman' then?

libberantor, no one as sweet on his grandson as you could be a total cynic. He is lucky to have you.


I have a great quote from an old flame - "If you dont know what the problem is, there is no point in telling you". Of course, I would say the opposite.

Bearing in mind "Rule No 1" and "Rule No 2", Let me put it this way...

if you went to a store that was very expensive, the staff were arrogant, rude and had no respect for you, the products were badly made, unreliable, liable to explode and come with high maintenance costs...

what would you do if you discovered another store where value for money, quality products were well presented by staff with a friendly demeanor?

Where would you look to get your supplies?



There are still some quality english 'products' out here though. Just seem to get ignored and left on the shelf due to poor advertising I suppose...

Ho hum.

Quality products will always be desirable - but the consumer has no rights.

I have to be careful here, because a trip to the complaints department is dangerous.

In plain english, a woman can divorce without inconvenience. Taking his money, children and house. Why should a man put himself in such a position?

Decent women have been screwed by aggressive feminism and socialists.

Where men have no rights, they will favour women who are trustworthy and put the man & family first.

Although, I can not account for the rubbish english bloke, with a bull neck, drinks beer, watches football and has no respect for women.

What about women who have no urge to get 'married'*, don't want or can't have children, and already have their own home and money?
Maybe it's safer for quality products to stay on the shelf in order to avoid getting taken apart and broken...?

*as in the 'just want a man to keep them after the dressing up and being centre of attention day is over' sense, not the 'just being with someone they love and trust sense'

Women who dont want to get married/have children?

Good luck to them. Indeed, as marriage and children is such a selfless act, who would choose it, if we weren't gentically programmed to do so?

However, there is a Darwinian effect. Such women are removing themselves from evolution..

OK, how about women who can't have children, don't want to get dressed up as a meringue, have learnt to look after themselves as there don't seem to be any decent blokes out there, aren't fat, are not aggresive, might fart occasionally (but act of doing so causes embarassment even if the farts smell of roses) has to edit swear words in print, gives as much respect as is given in return, would like to settle down with a 'real man' in a caring, loving relationshiip based on trust, already has own home, never had an std, has no intention whatsoever of ever 'taking a man for his money' and deplores women who do so?

Sad when people want children but cannot. It is becoming more common for a number of reasons, plastic packaging, insecticides, whatever.

Of course, relationships are still possible even if the fems and lefties are doing their best to destroy them. I could even give some tips.

mind if I was a woman - I'd probably be the most aggressive fem.

Confession time: I have been know to be 'aggresive' on a few occasions but they were occasions when myself or somebody else was being attacked...

Anyway, Tips please :)

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