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Lame Duck Tony

Mirror.co.uk - News - Voice of the Mirror

HAS there ever been a Labour conference that meant so little? Or that was anticipated with such little enthusiasm?
Delegates meeting in Brighton today should be in a state of mass excitement. Tony Blair has delivered a remarkable, historic third election triumph.
His majority was down but he still has a mandate to do just about anything he wants.....
This conference week allows him the chance to revive and reinvigorate his government. To give it purpose.
If he does not, the cry will go up that he has become a lame-duck prime minister. And that, for the sake of his country and party, it is time to go.

With friends like this, Tony doesn't need enemies!

Tony is obsessed by continual reform, creating a legacy, busy busy busy. This is a modern management trick; figures down?, change the organisation so you can't compare year on year, write off costs as structural changes, but never keep the structure long enough to take the benefits. What Tony need to do is calm down, in a world of rapid change you don't need to be providing a rapidly changing Government on all fronts, you need to provide a rock of stability that people can base their lives on. Boring steady management of our Defences, the NHS, Education, even steadiness with the EU is what is needed not another flashy press launch. Real reform of those institutions will come with another Government, so nuLabour's job is to make them work as they are now.


The NHS has far too much "management" already. High time this sacred cow was sent to the knacker's yard

They say that a piece of cutlery has more germs than a MRSA infested ward.

But I doubt it.

Why not link to Tony a s Lame Duck? I know I do!

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