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Japanese shaving brushes - Banned!

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Apart from the general prohibitions, the following are also prohibited: Japanese shaving brushes; items falsely bearing the markings of a Government Department; items which infringe authors' rights; goods made in prison; unseasoned celluloid; stamps and stamp impressions.

Japanese shaving brushes? It took a while but I eventually found out why - and in case you are wondering as well...

Ministry of Labour and National Service Committee of Inquiry on Anthrax: report 1959

Abstract:The Committee of Inquiry on Anthrax considered the existing law with regard to the importation of goods infected or likely to be infected with anthrax and the precautions that should be taken in connection with such imported goods for the protection of public health, and made recommendations..
The report is divided into twelve chapters: (i) the disease; (ii) anthrax due to wool and hair; (iii) anthrax due to horsehair, bristles, hog and cow hair, etc.; (iv) anthrax due to hides and skins; (v) anthrax due to bones and bone meal; (vi) anthrax contracted from the use of Japanese shaving brushes; (vii) anthrax contracted by workers in docks, wharves and warehouses; (viii) arrangements for early diagnosis and treatment of suspected cases of anthrax; (ix) precautions of general application in all factories where anthrax-bearing materials are handled; (x) cases of anthrax outside the scope of the Factories Acts; and (xi) developments which may be relevant to the problem of anthrax in the future.


Hi, recently I was browsing to get some postage rates and I viewed on one of the pages that japanese shaving brushes were not allowed to be sent to some country. I had to google this and see what the heck is up with that. then i landed on your page. nice work. thank you so much :)

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