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Dissent in Tony's Britain

Telegraph | News | Heckler, 82, who dared called Straw a liar is held under terrorist law

Labour had to apologise to an 82-year-old activist last night after he was roughly thrown out of the party conference for heckling Jack Straw on Iraq.

Walter Wolfgang, 82, was ejected from the conference for heckling
The leadership faced angry protests from MPs and party members who accused it of stifling dissent and abandoning traditions of free speech.
The Foreign Secretary was telling the conference that Britain was in Iraq "for one reason only" - to help the elected Iraqi government - when Walter Wolfgang shouted: "That's a lie and you know it."
Mr Wolfgang, a refugee from Nazi Germany and a Labour Party member since 1948, was immediately surrounded by security staff in full view of the television cameras and ejected from the hall in Brighton as officials revoked his pass.
When he tried to re-enter the secure zone, he was stopped by a police officer citing the Terrorism Act.
Steve Forrest, the chairman of Erith and Thamesmead Labour Party, was also thrown out after complaining about Mr Wolfgang's treatment.
He said that five security guards moved close to him in an intimidating manner after he shouted "Hear, hear" during an anti-war speech in debate.
A few minutes later, as Mr Wolfgang was being escorted away, he protested: "Leave him alone, he's an old man." At that point he was hauled out himself...
At first Sussex police denied that Mr Wolfgang had been detained or searched but a spokesman later admitted that he had been issued with a section 44 stop and search form under the Terrorism Act.

Mr Wolfgang said: "We have reached a situation where freedom of expression has been threatened. I am not surprised, because the Labour Party has been taken over by a gang of adventurers who are on their way out."
Video available from the BBC


Blair's Politicised Police will treat with "understanding and sensitivity" thugs, ethnic minorities and drug users.

OAPs, anti-immigration politicians, farmers, hecklers and drivers beware. Blair's Blackshirts will come down on you like a ton of bricks.

If you are 82 years old, you are an easy target.


how about a picture of the moment Blair's 18 stone thugs dived on Mr Wolfgang?

Dont let the media clean up the story.

And then on trying to re-enter he was stopped by anti-terrorism officers.

The Gorse Fox is speechless with anger. This suppression of free speech has to be stopped.

Standard MO for the Anglo-American ruling class: pick the easy targets to thump on in hopes that it will send a message of intimidation to those members of the middle class who are straddling the fence ("I'm against the war, but not sure I want to risk my comfortable lifestyle by speaking out").

Hats off to Mr. Wolfgang for expressing the courage of his convictions, even after his arrest. Maybe others who are less vulnerable will take notice and follow suit.

liberranter talking tosh as usual.

Labour, New or otherwise is not Anglo/American. If anything, it is celtic.

Interesting to see Labour supporters calling Blair a Conservative - even though they voted for Labour.

No. He is not Conservative. He is Labour and Labour have had huge majorities for 8 years.

Labour is to blame for Britain current problems.

Labour assaults 82 year old OAPs.

Make no mistake. It is Labour.


This is not an issue of political party affiliation (or even national origin) at all; the issue is the mindset of the ruling class in general in what passes for democracy in the western world. Mr. Wolfgang represents the viewpoint of the silent majority, who, if they ever banded together, would topple the status quo. Fortunately for the State it can generally count on the silent majority to stay silent; therefore the Mr. Wolfgangs make an irresistable and easy target.

This misguided practice of blaming a particular political party for a nation's woes is, sadly, too common among those who subscribe (however loosely) to the libertarian philosophy. It should be clear by now that it isn't an issue of Labour or Conservative, Democrat or Republican (or Socialist or Christan Democrat, or what have you). The ultimate issue is whether or not one believes in centralized control (i.e., statism) or in individual liberty and freedom.

As for Labour being "celtic", as you say, I think that would come as quite a surprise to the (bare?) majority in England proper who put Blair and company back into power for a third term.

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