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Free Speech at the Labour Conference

Press Release: Countryside Alliance: Labour conference stand vandalised again

The Countryside Alliance exhibition stand at the Labour Party conference was vandalised last night. The display was a replacement for a stand which had to be scrapped after being vandalised on four consecutive nights at last year's Labour conference.

Three people have been arrested in connection with the incident, which caused damage estimated at £2600. No-one was charged with any offences after last year's vandalism inside the high security conference venue.

Alliance Chief Executive Simon Hart said: “Sadly, even in 2005, it seems there are still delegates at the Labour conference who do not believe in free speech, and think that people with different views to their own should not be heard.


I reckon it's the local fox population sneaking into the centre in the small hours when all good delegates are too pissed to notice.

So where was the much vaunted security then?

Where did he get the idea that the Labour Party stands for free speech? Only the annointed ones are allowed that luxury, everyone else should do as they are told, socialism lives on unfortunately.

Rights of terrorists? I am confused.
By definition, a terrorist targets non combat citizens in order to sway public attitudes. A killer of women, children and ordinary citizens has rights? Terrorist equals murderer. They only have the right to die (preferably by violence and in shame). They have no honor in life. They deserve no respect, no honor, and no life.

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