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Bradys target Florida tourist industry

Musings of The GeekWithA.45

IT IS Britain's most popular transatlantic holiday destination, attracting more than 1.5 million visitors a year with its sun-drenched beaches, theme parks and wildlife.

But Florida's 30 billion tourism industry is under threat from a campaign launched by a gun-control group which warns visitors they could be killed.

A series of alarming adverts, to be placed in British newspapers, warns potential tourists about a new law allowing gun owners to shoot anyone they believe threatens their safety.

The Geek points out the real situation - I have never been to Florida, but it has moved up my list of possibles for a holiday now.


Gives a new frissance to the idea of a Theme Park. (A bit like walking the streets of Manchester, Nottingham or Reading).

"a campaign launched by a gun-control group which warns visitors they could be killed..."

Is there a bit missing from the end of that sentence? Something like "...if they try to rob, assault or kill an armed Floridian."?

Otherwise, I suspect you'd be pretty safe walking down the average Florida street, doing the usual touristy things.

Yup. As long as you don't mess with a Floridian, you're in good shape. In fact, given Florida's laws, if you were in trouble with some slimeball, there's a good chance that a public-spirited Floridian would come to your assistance.

Try waiting for THAT to happen outside the Hammersmith Odeon on a Saturday night...

When I saw this on the local news, I laughed out loud. I toyed with the idea of hanging around outside the airport, growling, "you lookin' at me?" to jumpy touristas. No, JuliaM has it right. Law abiding "entrees" will be as safe as ever they were. The law will doubtless be tinkered with, as it does seem a bit too open to interpretation and Florida is the first (and only)state to implement it. That said, I believe it went into effect today and so far my family, neighbours and I are all more likely to cut off our feet with our lawn mowers and edgers than we are to be shot. I shall take my life into my hands later today, at the mall.

Mr du Toit, I'm afraid you are right.

Should I be assaulted outside the Hammersmith Odeon, and a man come to my aid, HE would probably be arrested for assault on the thug, I'd probably be cautioned for incitement (by screaming for help) and the thug would likely go scot free & sue the both of us for damages.

Not true, and well you know it.

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