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Spitting feathers

Telegraph | News | To labour the point, they're really, really sorry
Tony Blair has a talent for apologising, but no one has ever been on the receiving end of such an abject display of prime ministerial grovelling as Walter Wolfgang...
the image of a frail, ancient Leftie being hauled out of his seat by two Labour heavies just because he shouted a disparaging remark at Jack Straw was about as damaging to the party's reputation as any single incident that has happened at conference since Mr Blair has been leader.
For once, Iraq was at the centre of the conference news agenda. Mr Wolfgang had achieved what he wanted after

Just when you think the Nuremberg Brighton Rally is all going well and completely stage managed to present the docile Press with the soundbites and images you want it all goes wrong. I haven't laughed so much since Auntie Millie caught her left tit in the mangle.


It's pretty funny all 'round.

Wolfgang complained about debate being silenced as if some ancient Leftie shouting heckling can be described as debate.

I think itís called the George Galloway method of debate, although Gorgeous is a relative amateur, Wolfgang has perfected both forms of incontinence.

Labour demonstrated a Socialist Principle.

Walter dared say something not deemed Politically Correct.

Question: How come a man Britain saved from the clutches of a genocidal maniac who liked gassing civilians is complaining about -- Britain saving people from a genocidal maniac who liked gassing civilians?
Seems to me that Whinging Walter wouldn't have been too happy if we'd rolled over for Hitler the way he thinks we ought to have rolled over for Hussein. Bloody hypocrite.

You forget...

He's a Communist. Communists are Saints who desire only the Best for Everyone. Such Saints they are, that murdering tens of millions of people proves how Dedicated they are to out Greater Welfare. These people are naturally Much Wiser that the rest of us and therefore we should eagerly await their Every Word, rather than chucking them out of Party Conferences.

Personally, I think this traitor should have been hanged long ago. But perhaps that's my communist viewpoint.

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