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A Pig's Ear of a country

Browsing the news this morning I was feeling more and more depressed - St George's Cross pins banned in case they are racist, lack of Black hair and skin care products in Prison shops a cause of concern, Turkey voting for Christmas, Tory Who vs Tory Yawn, Junk Food, Posh Salt, it is the diet not the food that can be junk! Expect compulsory Rocket with a drizzle of "Organic Virgin Olive Oil from a delightful little estate in Tuscany we stay at" in schools any day now. It is madness, all bloody madness - so this leader article was a little ray of sunshine peeping out from the penumbra of the rest:

Telegraph | Opinion | Making a pig's ear of defending democracy

Alas, the United Kingdom's descent into dhimmitude is beyond parody.


Scotch are acceptable?

This would never have happened under a conservative government.

Let's all face aft and sing "Rule Britannia" as Britain sinks into become a Third-World, Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Lingual, Slum. Becoming more and more like the USA and Canada is the first stupid step.

Pretty neat the US is becoming a 3rd world slum considering we're 75-80% white.

It all begs the question: what's left that's worth defending? It seems that a majority of Britons are either in favor of the current transformation of the country into a third-world hellhole or are just 1) too apathetic, 2) too stupid to care, or 3) too spineless and insular to come together to stop the madness. Better to gather all patriotic Britons together and emigrate somewhere else to start anew (Suggestion: Scrape together enough cash to make the United States government an offer for Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. The sale proceeds might make a tiny dent in the U.S. national debt, Americans would be overjoyed at the prospect of being rid of these four states, the infusion of new blood would work wonders for the regional gene pool, and the chance to rebuild the storm-ravaged Gulf Coast would present patriotic British transplants an unparalleled opportunity to show the world the stuff that enabled them to build a global empire. Sure, the mosquitos and summer heat would take getting used to and Redneck isn't quite as intelligible as Scots, but think of the exotic new neighbours you'll have).

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