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Fox in favour

So David Davis came over as damp as dishwater and failed to press the right buttons. Public speaking isn't that important nowdays, but making the sound bites is. His position as challanger to BATman is his to lose, and he may have lost it to Dr Fox.
BBC NEWS | Politics | Fox sets out 'bold' Tory agenda

Dr Fox said: "We have spent so long focusing on diversity we have forgotten what we have in common. Free speech. A fair rule of law. Our history and heritage. Economic liberty. And democratic government based at Westminster."

But is Fox popular enough to be the ABC (Anyone But Clarke) candidate? When it comes down to the two man playoff would he beat him?

As ever EU Referendum gives the best analysis - frankly none of the candidates appear to be offering any "beef".


Obviously, the mob loves a performer, eg, Kennedy, Stalin, Blair and Hitler.

Dont ignore someone who is wise and principled. John Howard turned out to be a very successful PM in Australia.

But at the end of the day, you need the mob to get elected.

Tony Blair gives all his politicians training by actors.

Perhaps Dave-Davie-Dave need some oratory training - someone should give Tim Collins a bell

I think Clarke will sink back again over the coming weeks. Cameron on the other hand I think made a real breakthrough.

I reckon it will be DD vs DC

Liam Fox said all that?

Doesn't he know the actual facts:

Free speech - as long as no Moslem claims to be offended by what you say

A Fair rule of Law - as long as you don't mind being banged up on the word of the Home Secretary

Our history and heritage - no longer taught to our kids, and generally viewed with disdain and embarassment by the Establishment

Economic liberty - as long as you comply with Health n'Safety and all those wonderful EU regulations and give el Gordo his 40% cut

Democratic government based at Westminster - whose sole function is to rubber-stamp without comment the laws made by the real government in Brussels.

Come on mate. Must try harder.

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