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Council Tax protest

BBC NEWS | England | Devon | Tax rebel receives court summons

Council tax rebel Sylvia Hardy could be facing a second prison term after being summonsed again over non-payment.

Of course this protest will never really get going because those with the time to protest; unemployed, most pensioners etc don't pay any Council tax - the rest of us are working so hard to feed El Gordo that we haven't the time or energy.


I'm sure the pensioners on West Sussex will be delighted to hear that they are not paying council tax. They must however be confused by the disappearnace of 1500-2500 from their banks each year.

Not sure about this. You need to be remarkably broke, as a pensioner, not to pay ANY council tax.

Anyone who owns a property will be screwed, basically.

That's an awful lot of people.

If she is does not like the increases in her council tax, she should have voted for a party prepared to reduce the council tax by reducing local council services.

As her campaign is supported by the Liberal Democrats, she is not prepared to lose any local services, just expect other people to pay for them.

Why is she not prepared to pay towards her own 270 per week index linked council pension?


If I understand rightly she is also a retired social worker. We all had to support her worthless career for decades with our taxes. Cough up you bitch.

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