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One for The Worstall

BBC NEWS | Business | Game theorists share Nobel prize

US citizen Thomas Schelling and Israeli Robert Aumann have won the 2005 Nobel prize in economics for their work in an area known as game theory.
They will share a 10m kronor ($1.3m; 723,000) cash prize awarded by the Swedish central bank.

Ah, but how will they share it? Just dividing it in two would be too boring for these specialists in strategies of conflict and the theoretical underpinnings of bargaining, co-operation and conflict wouldn't it?


Perhaps they could use their solution to the problem as a practical demonstration in future lectures.


Both men have decided, in solidarity with Turkey's bid to join the EU, to wrestle for it. They will appear in Stockholm before the awards, and at a site to be named later, half-clothed and covered in the finest Turkish olive oil. I believe the contest will consist of one fall and no grabbing below the waist, winner take all. Their agents are currently negotiating a contract with FOX International.

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