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Help I need some one

Bugger Bugger Bugger - yesterday having been happily playing with Google's Reader I had a little peak into what other goodies they offer and Web-accelerator caught my eye as being designed to speed up access on Broadband to regularly surfed sites, sounds like me so as it is from a reputable source I downloaded it. Installed it, Microsoft AntiSpyware asked if I wanted to allow it to work so clicked OK and off I went. Seemed to do the trick. I followed a couple of blog links, nothing dodgy, and suddenly a tidal wave of Ads overwhelmed the computer and Anti-Spywear was blocking attempts to change settings left right and centre. Something had got through. Now it may be coincidence but this the first time in ten years of surfing on this computer that this happens and it is five minutes after I have installed Google Web accelerator. My hunch is that in its helpful way it preloaded the next likely page and that was the dodgy link.

So this morning I'm out in the shed with the old machine and my normal computer has wasted all of yesterday afternoon for me and still isn't clean despite the best efforts of Ad-Aware SE. Of course normally I would give Mr NBC a call but after Mr FM poisoned him with too much beer and Whiskey (yes Irish) on Friday night in an attempt to thank him for his last Tech support job he is probably running scared of Wiltshire. Maybe if I promise to fall over into the muck puddle again as we walk home from the pub that will be incentive enough...

So limited blogging until all is fixed, and if I catch up with anyone involved in the adware industry then in the immortal words of Kim; "Rope, Tree, some assembly may be needed."


I recently dealt with a machine poisoned by that thing.

Adaware won't clean it.

Start in safe mode, find the folder called windows\system32\etb and kill everything in it.

Then start normally and delete the registry entry for hklm\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run\poka poka or any variants - there may be more than one.

Then run Spybot and Adaware repeatedly until things are clean.

I know you got your fixed but some other victim might be reading this.

Not just did Mr FM poison Mr NBC, it was bad enough to prevent him visiting the range on Sunday!

Spybot is usually worth having.

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