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Scots push airgun law on to the rest of the UK

BBC NEWS | UK | Scotland | Airgun sales 'to be restricted'

The UK Government is to impose tighter controls on airguns following the murder of Glasgow toddler Andrew Morton, BBC Scotland has learned.
The Home Office could confirm as early as Thursday plans to restrict the sale of weapons to registered gun dealers.

There is some bad lawmaking going on here. Firstly the whole issue arose from one appalling incident, and it is a knee jerk reaction. But then it was going to be a Scottish matter, but the SMPs have decided that it should apply to the rest of us as well and so have pressurised the Home Office into taking it on.

If times weren't so hard I could be tempted to buy whilst I can.


I was in Tescos in Ely in the summer and the till service operative (or whatever they call them these days) refuse to sell the a pair of scissors to the girl infront of me - she was about 16.

Scissors don't kill people, people with scissors kill people. Or do they?

Probably not, certainly not on a regular basis anyway. Rush out and buy as many potential weapons as you can. Come the revolution you may need to defend you and yours against the forces of Blair.

Time for Scotch independence. Being Scotch is not only an accent and Ye Old English Riting Signs.

Their share of North Sea oil will pay for socialism and unemployment

If they want, we can even have a Scotch regiment like the gurkhas. They would have their own uniform, complete with kilt. They could have their own ration packs containing a bag of oats, a dehydrated battered mars bar, a caramel wafer & Irn Bru granules.

Rise Ye Up and Be a Nation Once More!!

Yet again a Scottish gun tragedy is made to impact on the English

If we had an English Parliament would this have happened?

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