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The Economics of Petroleum Jelly

20 g 99p (branded Vaseline Lip Balm)
100g 1.00 (branded Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly)
500g 2.84 (Non branded White Petroleum Jelly BP)
1 kg 5.68 (Non branded White Petroleum Jelly BP)

I bought the 500g as that seemed sufficient for the weekend. Pip pip.


What you do in your private life is your own affair.

How many jokes start with "So, and Englishman walks into a pub on a Friday night with half a kilo of Vasline in one hand and a ......."

What on earth......?

What needs a pound.....?

Nah. Some questions are best left unasked.


what's all this 'g' business then? Gone over to Frenchiemeters in Witshire have we?

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